INTO THE FOREST|  a mori girl inspired playlist | listen✿theme song by william ross✿awkening of spring by zbigniew preisner✿sweet song by cecile corbel✿rain (instrumental version) by cecile corbel✿unicorne by faun✿concerning hobbits by howard shore✿the neglected garden by cecile corbel✿to be with you by the honey trees✿flower garden by 久石 譲✿happily ever after by zbigniew preisner

|  a mori girl inspired playlist | listen

theme song by william ross
awkening of spring by zbigniew preisner
sweet song by cecile corbel
rain (instrumental version) by cecile corbel
unicorne by faun
concerning hobbits by howard shore
the neglected garden by cecile corbel
to be with you by the honey trees
flower garden by 久石 譲
happily ever after by zbigniew preisner